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Break Out

Matthew Bardin



Skill Level:
1 In/2 Out

Video Tutorial


From the Composer:

"Break Out is intended to serve as a commentary and interpretation of performance anxiety. In order to represent this, I utilize Pure data in order to create and loop samples of the performer playing their notated material through various times during the first several minutes of the piece. I then have the performer playback the recordings with slight electronic processing, which begin to gradually conflicts and obstructs the performer as the material keeps returning and repeating. This effect is intended to represent the performer being overwhelmed by their hesitancy and possible mistakes until the climax of the piece where they ultimately break through their fears and hesitation and complete their performance.


Sometimes we end up being our own biggest obstacle."

The difficulty of performing Break Out comes from coordinating the plunger and foot pedal components. In my own learning of this piece I began by putting together the entire piece with trumpet alone, then once that was done I learned the plunger coordination with an empty hand. Next I added the actual plunger. Finally to add the foot pedal coordination I started with the pedal alone not plugged into the computer and got used to timing the pedal presses. Having put together all of the analog actions of learning this piece of music I then plugged in the foot pedal and microphone and worked on learning to perform with the electronics.

This approach may seem tedious, but I found it to be the best way to make sure the preparation of the electronics and plunger coordination do not overwhelm the process of learning the actual music. It is a common pitfall to jump right in and loose the ability to make music by getting bogged down in all the other things happening with a performance of music with interactive electronics.

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