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Tyler Katz



Ableton Live Suite 10
Skill Level:
1 In/2 Out
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Katz writes, “Echoes was created for the 24+24 project at the University of Iowa, where composers are paired with a random performer. The composer then has 24 hours to write a piece, and then performers have 24 hours to learn the piece for a concert. After being paired with a trumpetist, I decided to combine the trumpet with electronics. I met with the trumpetist and recorded him demonstrating various techniques on the instrument, as well as various mutes. I then electronically manipulated the recordings to create a fixed media track, and I analyzed the track to find out which pitches were prominent. I used these pitches to create a trumpet line that would echo the fixed media. The trumpetist had a special Yamaha silent brass mute that has can be connected to electronics and altered. In addition, he had an electronic programming board called Axoloti, which could be programmed to create different sounds and effects. I used a preprogrammed patch that muted the original trumpet sound, and instead outputted a sound with a delay and echo effect that had a similar, but slightly different timbre to a typical trumpet. I then combined the electronically-modified trumpet with the fixed media to create the effect of constant echoing and reverberation.”

I have replaced the Axoloti with a delay effect and reverb effect rack that I created in Ableton Live Suite. Since the composer did not specify instructions for Axiloti, it was simply used to create a desired effect. To keep the project streamlined and use this piece as a future teaching tool I asked Katz for permission to us Ableton.

Using Ableton allowed me to make a recording and then play with different effect combinations to achieve the desired sound and make the piece as musically effective as possible. Using Ableton for the live processing once again allows for a greater variety of options in terms of effect sounds and how to apply them.

In live performance Ableton Live Suite is used to play the fixed media and mix it with the trumpet part so the work sounds balanced and even throughout.

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